Hear from James Gordon, who has over 10 years experience in a variety of trading systems…

I have been trading for over a decade now, I have completed lots of courses and found myself trading huge sums of money. I have done extremely well, but there have been times when I have lost a lot.

So I decided I wanted to design a system for YOU, so that you can be profitable from the very beginning. Google states that 70 – 90% of traders lose money. I want you to be in the top 10% of profitable traders!

Combining Education with Trading Bots... the winning solution

Our products will help you to become the most profitable trader in the market. We achieve this by combining our education packages with our very own algorithmic trading bots.

Gold Bot Trading Simulator

Our Gold Bot Trading Starter kit will teach the basics of learning how to trade, with our very own trading bots.

Get started today!


3 Different demo bots to try out
Trade with demo ‘pretend’ money and watch the results
Learn on the job without risking real money
Full Training Course to give you a competent understanding of bot trading
Certificate of qualification after our 30 day course

Verified and Audited Performance

Sandrock Products and Services Available

The Emax System

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The Gold Genius


The Gold Flow

The Gold Max


The Gold Master


Multi-Bot Package

Choose any 3 bot combination from our available bots.

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