Sandrock Capital was founded based on shared values and a shared vision that led to the creation of Sandrock Capital. So, whether it is Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or commodities that interest you, this is the place to get started! No matter who you are, what your age or experience might be, whether you are completely new to the sector or have invested for many years, we welcome you.

We bestow knowledge gained through thousands of hours spent studying the Cryptocurrency charts and researching NFT projects through our courses. We, like many, have made mistakes along the way, and we will show you how you can avoid making these same mistakes, protecting any wealth you acquire.

Meet Our Founder

We are a community of experienced, honest traders and investors focused solely on making money and growing returns. We will teach you our proven low-risk investment strategies, so you can safely invest in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other markets, including Forex, Commodities, and Stocks.



James graduated with a product design degree and followed his passion for automotive design and engineering. He travelled the world launching various cars for large manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar, and Bentley, living in Germany for a year launching the Ford Focus, and then working on the powertrain to produce a Ford Fiesta for the Chinese market. Whilst working all over China James learned some valuable skills which he still applies to business to this day.

James then went into business with his family and ran one of the largest and busiest hotels on the southern coast of the UK from the age of 26.

During the hotel’s ownership, James introduced innovative concepts that boosted the business throughout the year and managed to increase the turnover dramatically. These concepts included a Bootcamp business, a Catering business, a Coach Tours company, a Freemasons Lodge business, an Apprenticeship Training School and many more. During this time, he also set up an Estate Agent which he sold a few years later and has a property portfolio that he runs too.

London was calling, and he had always loved the city and a little trading and investing, so he then carried out over a year’s training with a very reputable trading training school. This was in preparation for the sale of the hotel, which eventually happened in 2020. After several years of learning to trade the forex, stocks and the commodities markets, he earned his status and became a professional trader. James has been involved in some very lucrative investments and has developed an extremely profitable strategy on the FTSE 100.

It was back in 2015 when he got involved in cryptocurrencies and buying ICO’s. The passion for the crypto revolution was immense, and the belief behind blockchain technology was second to none. He then started to invest in NFTs early 2021. The excitement of NFTs for James was just on another level. This then led to creating his first NFT project which will be helping to raise funds for a well established charity, and also has other NFT and crypto token projects in development. 

Becoming a professional trader has allowed James to earn significant returns where he trades CFDs on a large scale. 

James is also working on the development of decentralised currency with the SUN programme, a token that has a utility to assist with NFTs and NFT trading. He has just set up The NFT Incubator offering all Generative Artwork, NFT, Blockchain, Marketing and Community Management services and aims to progress to evolving an FCA regulated fund using his strategies that he has developed over the years.

Kris Duffy

Kris Duffy holds an APMP in programme management and has 20 years background in programme planning in £100Million financial services programmes. Kris has held trusted positions with various UK, international and global organisations providing PMO guidance and delivery support.
Kris was a late adopter to Crypto currencies, making his first purpose in 2021. After delving into the decentralised space and being impacted financially by scammers and bad actors, Kris set about establishing some great partnerships with honest devs who really wish to make a difference and has used his consultancy experience to guide projects to success. In 2022, the SUN token was born with the aim to de-risk crypto investing, promote safe projects, educate the public, and encourage safer, longer term, and stable investments. Frustrated how the Banks of his past employment had been unable to adapt to changing technology, Kris is very excited by the real-world application of crypto currency. Kris has always kept himself fit, having competed in worldwide mountain running events for the past 20 years – a great way to relax from the exciting 24/7 nature of crypto.

If you want more information, you need only get in touch with us here at the Sandrock Capital by calling 020 7183 4820.